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Riding is a form of meditation for me. I remember the first time I laid my hand on a bike and the experience was something that I have never felt before. Every time I take my bike out for a ride that feeling still lingers. To think an explosion happening under you makes you wonder what brilliant piece of engineering a bike is. Such power literally at your disposal in your hands does make you feel like you can take on anything.

As Uncle Ben rightly said- With great power, comes great responsibility. Yes riding is an experience which should be done responsibly, be it a small 100cc bike of a 1000cc monster the rules of the road are one, that has to be respected.

 Let me just give u a few tips which would help you out during those long rides. Remember the only thing which is between us and the road are our gears!

Helmets!! Yes an integral part of you and the bike. It is an equipment not only to protect you from the cops but save your head too. We do not take things seriously until something happens to us or our loved ones. Certified ISI helmets are a must and for long rides helmets with a visor is preferable to save you from those bugs and dust. All that jazz of lack of visibility through the helmet is bogus. It takes time to getting used to things and this is no exception. A proper head gear is something that should be used even if traveling for a short distance.

If you are an avid rider then a pair of gloves with knuckle protector is something to invest on. A simple glove is designed not only for those cold climates but to those bruises in those tricky places in our hand.

Get a leather jacket with protectors is a good buy and pair of jeans should be enough for a budget friendly gearing up. Full sleeve and a proper boots are also something that should be adorned for those journeys.

At last the gears are not the only one that is going to protect us from the mishaps but our way of riding is the main criteria. Follow the road rule and don’t pretend you are invincible, and ride extra defensively.

Let’s kick start the journey with the simple investment and rules to make our ride an experience which we live to tell!!

 Ride Hard, Ride Safe!



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