We Are Here!


Considering everything we thought it will be easier than lifting a feather, but Eh! it's been a long way since we started walking in right direction.


"cause we are made of it" That's why. Tamanna, Tapan, Tapas, Talaash, Talab as the five elements driving Punchtattva. 

"Tamanna se Tapan hoti hai, Tapan se Tapas, Aur Talaash poori hone pe Talab poori hoti hai."

Driven by above we have taken pledge to break free from the mainstream. and project happiness in lil' things. Introducing T-Shirts to you and there is more to come. We promise we have everything for quenching your Talab. 


Yeah we get that a lot. It assembles all the elements within itself and illuminates all of them together. We are striving to shine. And we will make you shine.

So finally we're here, we are live, let's celebrate it together and let's move together with different collections that we are going to showcase here. This month we have introduced Our Artist of the month (a.k.a. ATOM) the one and only Gorillaz. We are going to publish a grand detailed range of every great rocker ever existed and a selected range would be printed every month in exclusive 100 piece per print limited edition. There will be a glimpse in the same month who is going to be featured in our next ATOM Edition (Watch out). 

We have tried to connect you with some characters you'd have definitely missed while growing up and we are here to strengthen that bond. Introducing few of them here in our Retro Collection, which will feature everything that will remind you of we you were. 

Along with everyone we are paying our tribute to the man who knew every feeling is same either its of a child or an animal- Mr. Bill Watterson. Our collection features Calvin n Hobbes with emotions everyone can connect to. As Calvin says "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

And we love your Highness! The collection which can probably never die, We would be introducing everyone who has been High without us knowing.  So grab these first collections while they last ‘cause each one of them is a limited edition, WATCH OUT!!



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