Reuse Reduce Recycle


In past years companies and private sellers that deliver products through the mail often over-package, putting a pre-boxed item in a second box, and sometimes even a third one. This practice called the “Russian doll” approach, is exceedingly wasteful. The typical courier bag is made from several layers of foil and plastic. Companies like this because these bags are light, reduce shipping volume, don’t take up much space on a shelf, and are graphics friendly. The downside is that there’s currently no machinery to separate these layers, so they aren’t recyclable.

In recycling size and material are two of the biggest factors for recyclability: in general, the smaller a package and the greater its mix of materials, the less recyclable it is. Consumer education can go a long way toward increasing the potential for recycling. For example, packages with simpler multilayers, such as cereal boxes and bags, need to be separated for recycling. Another option is “upcycling” that is, washing the container and reusing it. Sustainable packaging was most important aspect that we needed to brainstorm upon. The Sustainability is not necessarily an end state but is a continuing process of improvement with our launch we have also given our full participation in the green movement. Sustainable packaging is a relatively new addition to the environmental considerations for packaging. It requires more analysis and documentation to look at the package design, choice of materials, processing, and life-cycle. 

With these factors in mind we brought our "Capsules" made from 100% recycled materials. Being made completely with treated materials it is hygienic and thus can be used and reused again, all depending upon your imagination "Let's help mother earth, Let's help ourselves."



  • prabhat kumar

    very nyc mangu

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    Mast hai bhai !! Quite Innovative and attrative

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    Innovative implementation for betterment. Thumps up!!!!

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    Perfect packing to match the perfect contents! Amazing work..!

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    Really, very unique and stylish packing.
    Way to go

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