ATOM (Artist of the month) :: Gorillaz

Murdoc would have introduced the band the best as "Once again it's me, Murdoc Niccals, the uh, ship wreck man alone in the dark. Swopping the record decks with rum, vinegar and vitriol. Mwuahh..oooh yeah, the uh, the propofol..uh..kicking in nicely now..y'know? Err...I'm tency, wincy bit drowsy...yeah.. uh.. -clears throat- listeners, all you fans of..well..  Gorillaz and all that uh - all that sailor-ness."  

So lets not let him introduce the best and probably the only sensible virtual band with his insanity!-  Gorillaz!! We made gorillaz as our ATOM (Artist of the month) cause no other artist would have made sense. Everyone has an album that has stayed with them for years, even decades, a constant musical companion that grows with you as your life and perspective changes. With that in mind, Punchtattva introduces ATOM, an ongoing series of tshirts about the albums by the artists that stuck with us and how they’ve shaped our lives.

The band itself is a bit of various disjointed tracks of electronic or hip-hop flavors,the members provides a cohesive, full experience, album into spoken word and other experimental forms. There was a sense of melancholy that pervaded from the beginning, but then it became more musically pronounced as time passed. Telling you a cautionary tale, a trip through the end of the world from war, violence and environmental crises that never becomes too moralistic but still takes a clear stance.


A lot of this is due to the band’s nature as an explicitly fictional creation. Since we know that the members of the band exist as trippy, caricatured cartoons, it’s easy to imagine them producing this sound. The band is designed around the music, so they’re necessarily malleable. This is a band you can literally reinvent whenever you need to, so while they’re given characterization, the drummer also has various ghosts in his head who are voiced by guest rappers.

In the end Murdoc "We have got, a very special guest with us! We may as well yank this full and early before he passes out! It's uh, a singer from a very famous band! In fact, the singer of my very favorite band of all time!



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    Hey have done a great job ! Quick suggestion ..the size is not specific like L scouldbbe anywhere between 40-42 check out process is not user friendly ..could you please add a size chart ??

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