Tech Files 01 -- A new era is nearing dawn

From quite a long time the marriage of fabric and technology has not evolved into a new segment. With the pace of computing power increasing every day we are unable to foresee what the future holds for us. In the past decade the computers have evolved more than 100 times in terms of storage and speed, and we have new ways to interact and connect like touch screens and touch sensitive surfaces.

But how about if the garments can be evolved into a computer in itself? How about if the T shirt we are wearing itself has interaction touch sensitive surfaces built right into the fabric and no I am not talking about the dorky Levi’s iPod jeans or tech like that. I am talking about full-fledged computer which is nothing but the garment you are wearing.

Would not that be true to the sense of wearable which is indeed the buzzword of this decade?

Even if you choose not to believe but desktops are becoming tech of yesteryear and sooner or later the computing world is going to adapt the seamless computing. Garments are the only thing which are absolutely personal like the mobile devices which we carry with us. And with the innovations coming up each day it’s not a distant future that all our office suits will be able to connect to our office servers and download necessary files. The day is not afar when computers as a device will cease to exist and computing will be what which we would talk about. There would be no limitation of speed, data transfers, net speeds, as each and every clothing would itself be a node of computer.

NO it’s not a science fiction and Google’s Project Jacquard is underway to achieve this.




The future IS exciting. And we are lucky to witness it in our lifetime!!

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